August 23, 2011


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Brenda Jackson (Memphis)

Terrific choice, thanks


Thanks for the suggestion! We're also planning to visit Bruges pretty soon. As a celiac myself I'm always grateful for restaurant suggestions. Did you guys find any gluten free chocolate places in Bruges? Thanks in advance!

Dave & Lori

That was a problem. We looked everywhere. Sorry to give you this news!


I Was told the groetensoep was gluten and wheat free. IT IS NOT!!! I have been extremely sick for 6 days now. I emailed them and asked what were the exact ingredients in the soup. They replied,"In the soup we do always a spoon of "blanke fond". That is a bouillon of veal . On the box it says that in the aroma's there can be a lilltle bit of wheat "tarwe". We didh't know . It is only a little bit on a big pot of soup".

Unreal, they serve food stating its gluten and wheat free and dont even read the labels or know whats in their dishes before they serve it.

Reckless and careless on their part. Will never go back. Period.

Jennifer GF Williams

Just got back from Bruges, didn't find any GF restaurants but we did find a great place for beer!! one thing i so wish i could have! they had a Gf beer and it was actually nice! i've had some foul tasting ones in the past! anyway if your going to bruges defos check out 2B


also, just a great place to sit, over looking a beautiful canal!!

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who will always ask if they have GF (im always too embarressed!)

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This site is dedicated to people who have Celiac. When my wife, Lori was diagnosed many years ago it was a struggle traveling. Today there are wonderful choices to select from. We want you to be aware of the great destinations available. We have come a long way!
Dave & Lori
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